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A Few Shells :)


I know that I haven’t been around in a while.
It’s mostly because I’ve been so busy with school and haven’t had the time to post or make anything. But luckily school is going to be over with this week, and hopefully I will start shoving out a bunch of new jewelry items made by your’s truly. I’m beginning to realize that my blog just shouldn’t be all about showcasing the jewelry being made in our house. This site was initially to be just for shell jewelry, but then I decided to put some of my mom’s clay jewelry on because it’s just a nice. I’m kinda going back to just shells now, but any tropical clay creations of my mom’s will be put on here.

I want this blog to be a fun creative one… something that people talk about. Of course it’ll take a while to get popular, but I can always wait, and hopefully I can make it into a website sometime, despite my accidental “shellinshope” without the extra E. But this should be a blog for shellers/beachcombing fans out there. To gain knowledge about the shells, to know where they came from. I’m inspired to make shell jewelry because it’s like you can see shells in a different way. To carry part of the ocean with you. I consider all shells to be beautiful… no matter how beaten down they are. Because each one has a story to tell. Sea creatures are nice enough to let me have their old homes. I don’t force them out like some people do. Mostly the shells I pick up are empty, and if not, I put them where I can’t step on them my accident. Respect ocean dwellers and they will respect you. Hope ya’ll like my blog. 😀

So anyways, I did a little picture taking with my crappy camera.
These are a few shells that I have 😀


 To begin with, the giant shell you see is a Queen Conch (Strombus gigas)
My mom found this one when she took a cruise to the Bahamas. Generally these gall’s live in sand, seagrass beds, and coral reef habitats. They’re found in warm, shallow water and is generally not found deeper than 70 feet. More information coming soon 😀

The smaller brown and creamed shell in front of the flower pot is  a Lightning Whelk. I found this specimen on my trip to Sand Key Florida along with many other broken whelks. Lightning whelks can be found in the sandy or muddy substrate of shallow embayments. I would say the best place to find them is on the Gulf side of Florida, preferably more south near where Caribbean waters start. (More info coming soon)

The other shell next to the conch is still unidentified, mostly because its been torn up pretty good. I do have an assumption, but I don’t want to misguide anyone.


 Currently: $16.50 USD

Made by Laura

We walk the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic to find its treasures and have been inspired to create our jewelry. The sea shells are natural, chosen especially for their uniqueness, and have been made into charms to hang from the 19.50″ necklace made with puka shells, rose/clear crystals, and bright silver pins. The shells have textured, pearlized polymer clay which has been high gloss glazed and looks beautiful. The shells are also high glazed….VERY pretty. This necklace lays perfectly around the neck. The earrings are wonderful. They drop approx. 1.50″ from the connection loop and are so comfortable. Closure is a good size lobster claw clasp. This jewelry is a must-see in person….lucky lady who wears !!!

United States $2.50 USD $1.00 USD

Sneaks Peaks :D

Alright, it’s what you’ve all been waiting for……………….

Here are some of the thing’s that I’m currently working on 😀

It’s not the best picture because it’s a crappy camera and this was taken under a funky light 😛
But the peach coral looking one will most likely be the first to be completed. What it’ll turn into is a surprise! The brownish one in the back may either be the second, or third to be completed. I’ve got a very interesting concept for this one 😀 But then, they are all interesting concepts.

 This was originally to be a charm bracelet. It would be fairly heavy and chunky if it was to be that… I’m not 100% sure if I’m going to change the original bracelet idea for this, but I’m leaning more to making it into a necklace. 🙂

Future projects. These are most likely to be necklaces. If you see one you like, request a type of necklace you’d like it to be, and sketch what you want to have in your jewelry box.

Check out our shop,

Wow… I have way too many ideas!!! They take forever to be made! I’m busy with school, writing, and practicing my organ and piano. However I will have 3 more items out by Sunday so that’s good. Sneak peaks in the morning 🙂


If you’d like any specific types of jewelry I can most likely be able to make them with new shells. Depending on the weather of course.

Remember to stop and shop and our store.

Currently: $25.00 USD

Made by Laura

Here is a very special necklace and earrings set created by my daughter. The 19″ inch necklace is made with strong 1mm clear stretch cord for easy wear. There are handmade pearlized beads, crystal pearls, perfect “water” blue glass beads, and clear crystal beads whch sparkle and look so rich. The pendant was made with shells found right here on our Florida beach AND in the center…a BEAUTIFUL blue “tidal” pool which was created with glass surrounded by textured pearized clay . The glass is clear, but was backed with pearl blue clays which brought about the lovely color. I saw the work go into this…a definite labor of love and VERY well made. The earrings perfectly match the necklace and will dangle as light as a feather. Defintely ONE of a KIND.
Measurements of the pendant are 1.75″ round”ish” shape (w/o bail) and approx. .60″ thick. The earrings drop 1.40″ from the connection loop.

Ships from United States

United States $2.00 USD $1.00 USD

Payment methods

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Currently $6.00 USD


“YowZA – Lots of brillant color here! NO PAINT – only my special clay colors mixtures technique. Significant size pendant with a long antique look silvertone bail, awaits your beaded creation, silver chains, or leather cords. High gloss glazed for beauty and protection and lightweight for great warm weather wear. Pendant measures 2.25″ height (without bail) and 1.75″ width. The sweet matching dangle earrings are featherweight, on silver plated earrings and measure .95″H/.55″W. ENJOY!!!!!”

Ships from United States

United States $1.90 USD $0.50 USD

Payment methods

  • PayPal and Credit Cards


This is a BEAUTIFUL bracelet… do not catch how nice it is. I have hand made the real shells into beads with a pearlized clay filler inside the shell. They are all high gloss glazed, and have a “sparkle coat” that is much better seen in person. Very smooth and cool to the touch. The glorious champagne and turquoise crystal beads are like diamonds. This stretch bracelet will fit a small to medium wrist. It measures 8″, but due to the chunkiness, it takes up the inside circumference. I have used a STRONG 1mm clear stretch cord, therefore it will be easy on and off without worry of breakage. Wear this Spring and Summer…fancy or casual. VERY well made….Very classy. ENJOY!!!!!

Ships from United States

United States $2.00 USD $0.60 USD

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